GMBF News and Events

A company built on immense passion and commitment to make weddings all the more memorable for soon-to-wed couples, the Getting Married Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners team has been consistently relied on by clients and looked up to by the wedding industry itself since its formation in 2003.

More than a thousand pairs of satisfied and smiling brides and grooms have been borne out of Getting Married’s guidance and direction over the years, which only shows where the company’s solid reputation is coming from.

And now, it is just about time that Kutchie Zaldarriaga, president and principal consultant of Getting Married expands the company’s horizon and reaches out to even more excited, yet anxious couples by staging the first ever Getting Married Bridal Fair.

Although set on a much larger scale, the special 2 -day exhibit is still aimed at the same big goal: to help couples perfectly weave together the nitty-gritty details that a wedding requires and make their dream wedding truly a reality.

Beyond any doubt, the Getting Married group indeed takes out all the stress and hassle, and instead brings in great joy and enjoyment in “Getting Married”.