George Padua Photography

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George Padua
George is one of the freshest photographers in the industry. He pioneered his professional photography career in 2007 by shooting weddings and has progressively earned the trust of many couples to shoot their special day because of his organic, real, yet heartfelt and chic style in capturing wedding images. People continue to be his favorite subjects to shoot and now, aside from weddings, George has earned the trust as well of creative directors from advertising agencies and publishers from top fashion magazines to shoot commercial advertising and fashion photography. Weddings continue to be in his heart, and his team ensures to create the best quality images for couples to remember their big special day.


1. Was a brand manager in top multinational and local companies before becoming a professional photographer.

2. Believes KFC Hot & Crispy is one of God’s awesome belly-fillers. Fave!

3. Would rather go back and shoot in Europe than the US. It’s a photographer’s buffet.

4. Is a graduate of industrial engineering from UP. Yes, it did have a lot of Math & Physics.

5. Has 15 years of advertising and marketing experience. It’s not indicative of my age whatsoever.

6. Has had commercial modeling experience. One of my daddy photos (yes, as a dad) is at a popular gas station at SLEX.

7. Took advanced photography trainings at the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging under Ibarra Derri and Patrick Uy and came out a changed man.

8. Honed photography and lighting skills at the Alcove Filipinas under Jay Alonzo and truly saw the light!

9. The first camera I purchased was an Olympus point and shoot. Now I use a full frame Canon 5dm2 with high definition video as well as my other Canon APSC camera. I’ve come a long way!

10. Loves using my telephoto 70-200mm f2.8 IS L lens for portraits and weddings. If it sounds complicated, it just means it takes great shots.

11. I’m not Imeldific, but for a guy I have almost 20 pairs of shoes in my closet but regularly use only 6 to 8 of them.

12. Was tapped to shoot my first wedding for a friend of a friend, despite no previous experience. Talk about trust. Am glad they were very happy with it.

13. Hangs out yearly in Boracay every end October for a vacation with friends. Never had the guts to wear a halloween costume though.

14. Loves tocino best for breakfast. Longganisa next. On healthy days, its muesli and lowfat milk. Yeah, a bit extreme, I know.

15. Thinks photography is both art and engineering. Do I sound profound?

16. Is really grateful for his apprenticeship with Francis Abraham, a top beauty and advertising photographer. Watched and helped him shoot celebs — how cool is that?!

17. My last name, Padua, is a small town in Italy (Padova) which I had the chance to see while on a train during a European vacation. I have an Italian heritage. Ask my friends what i mean by “Italian”.

18. Makes a fantastic apple-banana flambé topped with vanilla ice cream plus a secret ingredient. I just might start taking orders.

19. Thanks Mega Publishing for trusting me to do their projects with Sunsilk and Creamsilk fashion and beauty campaigns. It. Was. Awesome.

20. Not a fan of photography competitions but joined an international one anyway. I liked that the beneficiary was a charity institution of your choice. My photo made it to the finals.

21. I can sing. Really, I’ve done it on an actual stage. With a band and backup singers at Araneta Coliseum. But, no, I can’t be your photographer and singer at the same time.

22. Though blue is my favorite color, I would rather wear black. I’m also quite drawn to the color red. Oh so that’s why I have a collection of red toy cars in my room!

23. Is a contributing photographer for a travel magazine of the Hinge Inquirer Publications. I’m HIP!

24. Has been told that I look like Anthony Pangilinan a gazillion times. But I think I can also pass for a Derek Ramsey look-a-like, backview.

25. Grew up religious but realized a personal relationship with Jesus, my savior and friend is the only way to go. Ask me about this and I’ll tell you more.

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