Photoimagicraft by Gian and Fidji

They offer the following for on the spot bookings at the Getting Married Bridal Fair:

1.) 10% Discount on Photography Only Packages
2.) 5% Discount on Photo and Video Packages
3.) Free Save the Date Teaser Video for Packages with a Music Video AVP
4.) 100pcs Thank you cards in 4R Size
5.) Waived out of Town fee Antipolo/Pampanga/Bulacan/Tagaytay on Prenup only.
6.) Free Coloura™ ART by Photoimagicraft – Hair and Makeup on prenup day within MM. (out of town rates negotiable)

Photoimagicraft by Gian and Fidji

Gian and Fidji focus on film and cinematic look for your wedding photos. We are using High Resolution 35mm / Full Frame Digital Cameras and professional grade lenses that can produce film, cinematic and clean look. Emulating popular films like Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, & Ilford. We call it as our trademark named Coloura™ Color Process by Photoimagicraft. We use Photoshop on a minimal basis, only for skin imperfections and color grading(Coloura™) and adding textures for mood settings and branding (labeling). We mostly focus on the right timing, lighting and compositions, resulting to great images already straight off our cameras ready for instant prints.

Style of Photography:

Wedding Details – Were very keen on details, We would like to preserve those things that you designed, purchased or used during your wedding day
Timeless Emotions – We capture candid moments on the entire wedding day Photojournalistic style
The Unseen – We capture different angles and what have been transpired on your wedding day
Fine Art – With a mix of fine art Photos
Contemporary – Modern Application of Composition, Web layout and album layout.
Group Shots – Gian and Fidji has its own style on group shots
Conceptual – Applied conceptual photos for engagement shoots

Summary of Equipments:

A Collection of Canon 35mm / Full Frame Cameras (Weather Sealed)
A Collection of Professional Prime and Zoom Lenses (Weather Sealed)
ARRI™ Studio Cool Lights
Pocketwizard™ Wireless Flash Systems
A Collection of Portable Strobes (3pcs Canon 580EX II, 2pcs 430EX II)
A Collection of Portable Studio Lighting Systems and Modifiers (Softbox, Octabox, Lumodi Beauty Dish, Umbrella, Snoot, Gobo etc.)
Pair of Sony and Canon High Definition Video Camcorders
Cobra Crane Systems™
Steady Tracker Extreme Stabilizers™
Glidetrack™ Professional Dolly Systems
IndiSlider™ Professional Slide and Dolly Systems
Apple Macbook Pro / Apple Mac Pro / i7 Water Cooled Computer Systems
12 Terra byte Storage Systems / Blue-ray and Online Backup Systems
LG IPS Display Panels and Blue-ray Burners

We are using top of the line equipments for image quality and reliability for your special day and specially we know how to maximize it.

We are consistent on what we deliver and we always update our equipments and skills for the best customer experience.

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