RJM Photo & Video

They could give a FREE AVP (Widescreen, Projector and Footages (50 Photos) or less Php 5,000 for on the spot booking at Getting Married Bridal Fair!

RJM Photo & Video

RJM stands for Ruby, JM, and Miguel, which are the names of the couple that founded RJM and their only son. Mr. and Mrs. Miguel and Ruby Lising established RJM in 1984. As of today, RJM has been servicing clients for 25 years. RJM renders its services as the professional photographer and videographer of people in their events. RJM started with one photo camera and one video camera, covering only one event per day. Events covered by RJM are mostly weddings and birthdays, while sometimes extending to baptisms, house blessings company/product launching and graduations.

RJM, when started, until now is a Family business managed and supervised by the couple. RJM’s workspace consists of the relatives and close acquaintances of the couple who are artistically inclined which really helps the business because photography and videography is not just clicking your camera or pointing the video camera at your subject, it is capturing special moments with the special eye for the art and drama of the scenes unfolding before a photographer and videographer.

They are proud to say that from their humble beginnings, they were able to cope up with the trends (photography and videography styles and techniques) and demands (updated and branded equiptments) of photography and videography as can be seen through bridal exhibits in malls where our actual products (photo albums and videos), are put in display. Overall, RJM covers an average of about 20 events a month composed of new, referred by previous clients and wedding suppliers and constant clients.

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