Helping each other during a Pandemic

The events industry has been badly hit by the pandemic. As we may now know, it postponed and Paused a lot of Socials of which weddings are included . We will be the last to be given a go signal to operate given the huge amount of people involved in every events . Where social distancing is a must we must tread carefully before we work in full force

Right now we are waiting for safety guidelines to be drafted so that as soon as the coast is clear we can already proceed with weddings.

However as a result there has been a huge loss of income too on the
Part of the wedding suppliers . You can just imagine it came to a full halt without any preparations or plan b in place.

We can choose to sulk in one corner and just be sad and negative about everything…but we at Getting Married Phils chooses positivity. We chose to give smiles to our hardworking and brave front liners and health workers

Just some few weeks ago we embarked on a food donation project to 3 hospitals.

With the combined team of Getting Married Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners and Getting Married Bridal Fair we donated a total of 900 food packs and 900
Drinks all prepared for us by Mcdonalds Phils to 3 hospitals :

Rizal Medical Center
Phil Children’s Medical Center
Bulacan Medical Center

Our heart is full after undertaking this project and somehow also uplifted our spirits. Giving joy and sharing love gave us a spark of hope.

Sharing some photos and videos of the three donation Missions for the 3 hospitals.