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Connoisseur Catering

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About this supplier

A sophisticated word which means “someone who is an expert with matters of the taste”. Connoisseurs expertly pinpoint what is best, which is most desirable, and which is most tasteful when it comes to the food we eat. The same can be said about the services that we give. Aptly named Connoisseur Catering, we are caterers with passion for food – and not just food alone. We want our food to be personalized for the occasion; so that every celebration that you partake becomes memorable not just through the personal connections that you share but also through the world-class food that you take into your palate to full delight!

Only the Best

We don’t settle for less. The team behind Connoisseur Catering wants your event to be successful as much as you do. We aim to create art, and while the concept of art is indeed subjective, we commit to giving you the most tasteful cooking and presentation. Our sophistication, work values, and extensive skill set come from our breed of culinary veterans. We have some of the most seasoned chefs and waiters in the field, and we commit to giving you the best we can offer all the time.