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About this supplier

EVENT LABORATORY EVENTS MANAGEMENT is owned and managed by two Event professionals.

We, the owners have been handling events since 2009 where we have gained experience through organizing intimate gatherings such as baby showers, kiddie parties, Christenings and such.

Come year 2014, EVENT LABORATORY EVENTS MANAGEMENT was officially established as a business. It started its full function when we organized big corporate events, adorable kiddie parties, lavish debuts and simple to extravagant weddings.

EVENT LABORATORY EVENTS MANAGEMENT’s massive expansion brought us to the rising and in-demand Wedding Industry where we quickly managed to pull-off huge Weddings/Events such as the Eat Bulaga’s famous “kalyeserye” events.

In 2016, EVENT LABORATORY EVENTS MANAGEMENT has earned awards from

Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence and Filipino Achiever and PHILIPPINE TOP CHOICE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE & OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER as Best Event Management Solutions Provider and Top Choice Event Premier Management Specialist.

EVENT LABORATORY EVENTS MANAGEMENT is continuing to design, formulate and concoct unique concepts may it be from private dinners to elaborate debut to extravagant weddings.

Every EVENT LABORATORY EVENTS MANAGEMENT function is executed with utmost attention to detail through our innovation and ingenuity.

EVENT LABORATORY EVENTS MANAGEMENT shares power to its clients by allowing them to imagine and experiment with their own parties based on their vision.

Capturing the Elusive… Inventing Transcendence.