Getting Married Wedding Coordinators & Event Planners

Getting Married Wedding Coordinators & Event Planners

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About this supplier

Getting Married, was born out of Ma. Erlina “Kutchie” Zaldarriaga’s passion for being of service to people in need of assistance to organize events, particularly weddings. What started out as a “ just for free” service, hosting and organizing weddings to friends and relatives have now become a professional venture.

Kutchie believes that each individual has a mission in life. Having a keen sense for creative ideas and for putting things in order, she organized Getting Married to assist and help out couples in structuring and implementing their dream weddings into reality. This is specially true for couples who don’t have the luxury of time to prepare for their own weddings.

With Kutchie at the helm of Getting Married, every client is assured of her personal sincerity and professional service . Flexibility to any situation is the aim of her group. Her support team of selected and trained individuals are committed to enliven and lighten up the loads of preparation, until the last minute.


Getting Married Wedding Coordinator


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