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Glammy Events was founded by Ms. Mae Castro. She started as a bride herself who enjoyed planning her wedding despite having to juggle two jobs. She works as English Teacher on weekdays and she works as Behavior Therapist during weekends. Her free time was spent planning and preparing for the wedding. After her wedding, she helped friends and relatives who are planning their wedding because she enjoys it so much and she wants to be of help to all the soon-to-wed couples. This burns a new passion in her heart. She decided to put up her own Event Planning Service Company. Then she started writing blogs about wedding. Tips, tricks, inspirations, and ideas in hopes that it will reach lots of soon-to-wed couples and will help them in their wedding planning and preparation. She later published her own book, ‘All About Weddings’ and a journal for all brides-to-be, the ‘Ultimate Wedding Planner’. Mae offers Wedding Seminars and Consultation for soon-to-wed couples who do not have idea of how to start planning their wedding. She also offers Event Planning Seminar for aspiring Event Planners. She was awarded as one of Top Events Experts of the Philippines. With Mae and her trained and professional team’s passion, their clients are rest assured that they will always go beyond and extra of what’s expected of them.