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Illo’s Group Inc. is a lifestyle food corporation known for its meaningful celebrations and elevated dining experiences.

Their flagship brand, Illo’s Party Trays, excel in delivering exceptional gourmet food. With a strong presence on social media, they have become the go-to choice for showbiz parties, earning the title “Party Trays of the Stars.”

Expanding beyond party trays, they now operate brick-and-mortar restaurants, Illo’s Home and Illo’s Home Buffet, offering ala-carte and buffet dining experiences. They also launched Privè by Illo’s, catering to private events and corporate functions.

Illo’s Group is composed of culinary virtuosos, led by Chef Nino Rovillos, combines passion, creativity, and expertise to craft culinary masterpieces that surpass expectations.

Known as a trendsetter in the food industry, they continually push boundaries and prioritize excellence, innovation, and customer experience, solidifying their position as an emerging leader in food and hospitality.