JC Alelis

JC Alelis

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JC has been hosting events since he was old enough to hold a mic, and hosting professionally since 2010. He started his career hosting corporate events, which he still does to this day. Brands he has hosted for include Rockwell Land Corporation, Robinsons Land Corporation, BPI, Western Union, Phizer, and Sharp Philippines.

With a knack for instantly connecting with any kind of audience, JC eventually added weddings and parties to his hosting resumé. He now works with some of the country’s top wedding coordinators to give discerning couples the wedding of their dreams.

On top of hosting live events, JC’s uniquely approachable yet authoritative voice can be heard on TV and radio commercials for the biggest brands in the automotive, fast food, telco, banking, and pharma industries, among others. Click here to listen to a sample of JC’s voice.

When he isn’t at an event or a recording studio, he is personally designing and crafting bespoke gift items for Thoughtful Supply Co, an online store he co-founded with his wife, Denise.

Together, their biggest accomplishment thus far is bringing their daughter into the world. Her name is Hope. Their job is a work-in-progress.