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Perfect Diaries Events Management specializes in planning and executing well-thought-of,hassle-free, and quality events such as birthdays, weddings, etc.Founded in 2013 by Mrs. Michelle D. Bagalawis, whose management style is innovative.Her passion and good communication and artistic skills,led to the establishment of this business, which continues to grow and expand. This has also created opportunities, not just for coordinators but also for other suppliers within the industry.

Perfect Diaries Events Management now mainly covers events around Manila, Cavite, and nearby cities.
Perfect Diaries Events Management aims to provide quality events based on the client’s demands.
We plan each project meticulously and present other options to make the event more successful.

We ensure to deliver your event within the time frame and execute it competently.
Satisfying our clients is one of our main goals,
which is why we are dedicated to fulfilling our duties.

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