Shuttered Dreams Project

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About this supplier

We are a team of wedding photographers on the lookout for unscripted moments to make sure your wedding is not just captured but also told.❤️

We know that a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of love, but sometimes it can be hard to capture that feeling in photos. That’s why we’ve got a whole team of creative and happy photographers who are ready to work with you and make sure your big day turns out just right!

We want to capture your big day’s raw, fun, authentic moments—not stiff poses and staged events. We want to capture those in-between moments when the real emotion comes out and you’re laughing at something completely ridiculous or are just having fun dancing around the room with your best friends.

We’ll get the real emotion and tell your story as it happens—just like you would tell it if we were there. You’ll look back at these photos and remember exactly how you felt when it was all over: happy, sad, teary-eyed, full of joy and excitement for what’s next for your family or friends. Every totally imperfect moment that made it so perfect.