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Tantoco’s Catering

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Tantoco’s began in 1998 as RGB Catermate, which stands for Rhezel, Glenn and Bryan. The initial store was located in Malolos, Bulacan. Eventually, it was relocated to a location inside the Bulacan capitol compound. The first store began as a small canteen-type fast food that catered to most of the employees of the Bulacan Capitol in Mojon, Malolos City. RGB began to accept bulk food orders with wait staff and whole venue setup. The business flourished then focused on catering services only.

In 2010, the management reorganised and launched the business with another name called the Tantoco’s Catering Services. The business name Tantoco (Tan Tuk Chi) came from the family surname that represents the members whom are the mastermind of creativity and design and exceptionally good gourmet food as services and products of the company.

To increase the target market, Tantoco’s accepted destination events to the venues like beach, city mountains, garden and forest weddings. Picturesque view with styling and dining experience became a hit to the market.
Tantoco’s will expand their business in the full-service restaurant industry, and the 50 indoor and outdoor dining capacity with provision for intimate events will set to open before the year 2023 ends.