Power Image Photography

They offer a FREE Photobooth for Package 4 & 5 for on the spot booking at Getting Married Bridal Fair!

Power Image Photography

Owner Mr. Wheng Alipio
Member of WPPP (Wedding Portrait Photographers in the Philippine)
Started photography and videography since 1995
Born in Cebu City, lving in Marikina City since 1970.

-The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.

-Is my source of happiness, it makes me relax. Every time I browse on my photo gallery it makes me smile.

-“PHOTOGRAPH IS HIS JOY, CAMERA IS HIS BEST FRIEND” He can’t go anywhere without it, it’s his bread and butter.

-One of his goal is to satisfy his clients, He want to see the smile on their faces every time he give them their photo that he taken, it makes he smile either.

-He always see to it that in every photo that he taken it must show the art of photography. cause every time he shoot he put his heart on it so it would come out really good and with a story to tell.

POWERIMAGESTUDIO is one of Metro Manila’s promising studio, provides photographer and videographer services for every couple for their most special day, their wedding day.

As an established supplier/business offering photography services, they have serviced a number of client for their special occasion needs (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding).

Powerimagestudio has a quality services with competitive pricing to meet to be wed’s expectation and budget.

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